Feeling good about how we feed our babies

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This website is for parents, grandparents, health professionals, peer supporters, breastfeeding counsellors and anyone interested in thinking about parents, babies, feelings and feeding.

Mothers are often the ones most directly affected by feelings about how their babies are fed.

But this isn’t just about mothers.

Fathers and partners may also struggle with their own feelings about how feeding is going or how it has gone. Fathers or partners may:

  • want to be involved and share in the intimacy
  • want to help solve problems
  • have their own wishes about how their babies are fed
  • be unsure how to support their partners.

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A Partner’s story

And lots of other people (health professionals, peer supporters, family, friends, employers,…) can help support parents in their decisions about how to feed their babies.

This website is not focused on giving ‘how to’ information on supporting your partner with feeding. If you’d like more information about that, here are useful links on how to support your partner with feeding.

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