Feeling good about how we feed our babies

Two unhelpful ideas in our thinking

Two unhelpful ideas get in the way of parents feeling comfortable with their decisions about how they feed their babies.

Unhelpful idea 1: 
The Duty Mistake.

Assuming that all mothers should feed their babies in one particular way and if they don’t do this they need to justify it.

Unhelpful idea 2: 
The Individual Focus

Focusing too much on individual mothers and ignoring the world they are living in.

These unhelpful ideas appear in our thinking about lots of areas of parenting – you may find that you recognise them elsewhere.

Lots of people are influenced by these unhelpful ideas – mums and health professionals included.

These ideas are very powerful, so often they make us feel bad even when we don’t agree with them.

Thinking about these unhelpful ideas and how they affect our thinking can still be useful.

What’s coming? 
Let’s have a look at the The Duty Mistake before exploring The Individual Focus.

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