Feeling good about how we feed our babies

Things to think about

  • It’s good to be able to have open, honest and compassionate conversations about our feeding decisions, but no one should feel like they have to justify their decisions to others.
  • Every feeding journey is different. We don’t need to feel guilty when we decide to feed our baby in a way that works for us.
  • It is okay to feel angry or sad if we did not get to feed our babies the way we wanted to.
  • Many UK women aren’t getting a fair chance to breastfeed. We can all ask for changes from our health service and our society so that more mothers who want to breastfeed can do so.
  • All parents deserve support for their feeding decisions.

However, you do it, feeding can be a deeply special way to bond with your baby.

With a friend: write a message together that you think would help everyone to feel good about how they feed their babies.

On your own: If you could go back in time, what would you say to your earlier self about feelings about feeding babies? Write down a message to your earlier self or to a new mother.

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