Feeling good about how we feed our babies

Other feelings about feeding babies

One way we can support each other is by understanding bad feelings, without judging or telling people how they should feel.

Some mothers might feel breastfeeding grief.

Breastfeeding grief is not guilt or shame about not breastfeeding (although guilt and shame can make breastfeeding grief worse).

Breastfeeding grief is pain, sadness, disappointment or anger.

We might feel pain, sadness, disappointment or anger:

  • if we did not get to feed our babies the way we had planned
  • if we needed support and we did not get it
  • if feeding our babies did not feel the way we expected

We might feel this way because how we feed our babies – and how we feel when feeding our babies – matters.

Not everyone feels breastfeeding grief.
We can recognise breastfeeding grief without telling all women who do not breastfeed that they should feel sad or angry.

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