Feeling good about how we feed our babies

Meet the Team

Fiona Woollard

Fiona is a Professor of Philosophy at the University of Southampton. She works on the Philosophy of Pregnancy, Birth and Early Motherhood, with a special interest in infant feeding decisions. She has two young children.

Heather Trickey

Heather Trickey is a social scientist specialising in public health, pregnancy and early parenthood. She is interested in the human experience of policy implementation, why some forms of intervention are experienced as acceptable and seem to ‘work’ while others are rejected and fail. She likes to use a mix of methods to inform her understanding, frequently incorporating participative approaches into her research.

Laura Dennison

Dr Laura Dennison is a Health Psychologist whose research expertise focuses on how people experience health and healthcare and in how healthy behaviours and emotional wellbeing can be supported and promoted. She is also a mother to a 3 year old with another on the way.

Phyll Buchanan

Phyll was a founder member of the Breastfeeding Network in 1997 and is currently completing her second spell as a trustee/director. She is a Registered Supporter, tutor and supervisor and leads on BfN’s training sub-group. She was seconded to the Department of Health to job-share the Infant Feeding Best Practice Advisor post from 2008-11. In 2014 she graduated with an MSc in Evidence-based Health Care from the University of Oxford. She is enjoying being a new granny and aware how these issues of grief and shame are still an everyday occurrence for new mothers.

Marta Glowacka

Marta is a Senior Research Assistant with experience in developing online interventions to improve health and wellbeing. She is a mother of a teenager.

BFN and NCT practitioners and parents with a range of feeding experiences from across the UK have also been involved in the development of the resource.

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