Feeling good about how we feed our babies

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Despite some positive stories, negative feelings about how babies are fed are a serious problem.

Sometimes it can feel like we* can’t get it right when we talk about how babies are fed.

If we talk about the ways in which breastfeeding can be good for mothers and babies will parents who use formula feel guilty?

If we talk positively about mixed feeding or formula feeding or play down the benefits of breastfeeding, will this mean parents don’t get the support they need to breastfeed?

We need to be able to say:

  • Yes, breastfeeding is great in lots of ways.
  • Yes, parents have a right to feed their babies wherever they are.
  • Whether we breastfeed, formula feed, do one then the other, or do a bit of both, our decisions are our decisions and we shouldn’t have to spend time judging ourselves or worrying about what other people might be thinking.

*In this case, “we” includes everyone: parents, health professionals, grandparents, neighbours and friends. Everyone contributes to helping mothers feed supported and happy about how they feed their babies.

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